Pension adjustment 2014 also applies to maternity pension

18 Mar

Friday, 21.03.14, written by Christian Hafler

The pension adjustment 2014 is not only pleasing for the approximately 20 million retirees in Germany. The persons who will benefit from the maternity pension will also receive a slightly higher pension than previously assumed. At the same time, however, the German Institute for old-age provision is currently warning against injustices in the case of the maternity pension.



Rentenanpassung 2014 hat auch Einfluss auf Mütterrente
Due to the 2014 pension adjustment, maternity pension is higher

As of 1 July 2014, pensions will be increased by around 20 million retirees – 2.53 percent in the East and 1.67 percent in the West. The pension adjustment 2014 is from the viewpoint of Labor Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) good news for all seniors. But for the more than nine million mothers whose children were born before 1992 and are already receiving pensions, this is a double reason to be friends. Because they will receive more mother’s pension by the pension increase.

Pension adjustment 2014: Maternity pension – How much more pension is there?

The maternity pension provides that the child-raising periods of women whose children were born before 1992 are recognized more with a point of pay in the calculation of pensions. Since the pension adjustment increases the value of the pension pension point in 2014, those affected will receive a little more money than before on July 1, 2014. This is confirmed by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) Instead of around € 338 per child per year, those affected receive about € 343 in the West. For the pensioners in East Germany, the additional maternity pension increases from about 309 euros to about 317 euros. However, there is still no final decision as to whether the betterment of elderly women planned by the Federal Government will be implemented. The Bundestag wants to decide in May on the pension package.

Many sufferers will receive little pension despite the mother’s pension. For a pension, however, it is usually too late for them. They can only protect themselves against additional costs in old age. Above all, long-term care represents a major financial burden. However, those who provide a private long-term care insurance can enjoy a much more relaxed retirement. Compare fares here

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Mother’s pension does not benefit all women

Even if the mother’s pension is trying to close a fairness gap, the German Institute for old-age provision (DIA) warns of new injustices. “Some mothers could go out,” say the experts. These include, for example, women who depend on basic old-age insurance or who were gainfully employed during the child-rearing period. For example, the basic pension is simply deducted from the mother’s pension. Also for recipients of the widow’s pension, the surcharge can be a disadvantage, “if this exceeds the applicable exemption limit.”

Population is behind mother’s pension and Co.

Despite this lack of employment, the maternity pension is widely supported by the population. This is the result of a recent survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy on behalf of the Initiative for a New Social Market Economy. At the same time, few respondents expect to benefit from the pension package. Even worse, even a quarter feared personal disadvantages, especially respondents who are under 45 years old. “All the more remarkable, however, is that pension plans are receiving broad support across generations, even though they are perceived as being against the interests of the younger generation,” concludes the survey.

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